About Me


I am a career oriented developer looking to further my career and expand my abilities. I possess strong analytical and technical skills that I utilize to bring rich applications to market. I would like to help develop new technologies that can be utilized across multiple platforms. I am seeking a team of talented individuals that I can work with to create new technologies, or utilize technologies that I have not yet used. As an engineer I strive to always follow the best practices and use the best practices to ensure the design of the products I help create are rock solid.


Senior Software Engineer - Matchbox, Inc - Cambridge MA Oct 2011 - Nov 2012

First permanent iOS Engineer. Matchbox is an early stage startup that provides elite colleges with tools to pick better candidates. They leverage the power of the iPad to allow college admission’s staff work faster, comfortably and most importantly accurately. In addition the iPad helps reduce paper because previous processes used to used to be done exclusively on paper. Helped re-write their first product and allow them to quickly expand their customer base. I worked closely the CEO, and our customer success team to make sure most of our customer needs are taken care.

Some highlights of my time so far at Matchbox, Inc. Include:

  • Help lead a complete redesign and re-architecture of their core iPad Application.
  • Help designed a complex templating system for UIKit, allowing data mappings to be pushed from a webservice.
  • Worked closely with the web development team to redesign API’s and update data models
  • Helped reduce crashes by nearly 100%
  • Helped reduce overall memory consumption

Senior Software Engineer - Thinking Screen Media, Inc - Wellesley, MA Jun 2010 - Jun 2011

Senior engineer in charge of iOS related projects and their new Flash Platform. I helped to develop many of the core libraries and technologies used through out many of iPhone/iPad to demonstrate the companies abilities. In addition to building re-usable libraries I was responsible for helping junior developers debug, tune, and develop code and technologies for use through out our product line. In addition to our iOS apps, I helped to expand the companies skill set with a knowledge of Flash Lite and ActionScript 2. This allowed the company to rapidly build a new platform based on my knowledge in about 7 months time.

Some highlights of my time with Thinking Screen Media, Inc. Include:

  • Helped to develop and maintain core library that communicated with their web services
  • Wrote Twitter Client Library for use in all iPhone/iPad applications that needed to communicate with twitter
  • Helped to develop coding standards and policies for application Submission
  • Built a firm skill set with Flash Lite and ActionScript 2.0
  • Helped to expand to companies' platform reach to Flash based platforms.
  • Designed/Architected and entire platform using Flash Lite and ActionScript
  • Developed UI library in ActionScript 2
  • Worked with other team members to design other proxy services

Contractor - Apperian, inc - Boston, MA Apr/May 2010

Helped assist in building a custom portal for one of their clients using Symfony 1.4/Doctrine

Contractor - DS Media Labs, Inc - West Palm Beach, FL Apr 2010

Helped assist a developer from within the company finish a Content Management System developed with Google Web Toolkit.

Software Engineer - DS Media Labs, Inc - West Palm Beach, FL — Jul 2008 -Sept 2009

Assist in rapidly building iPhone, Web and other media rich applications to market for various clients as well as internal projects as part of a team of developers. As a team member of DS Media Labs, I was required to use the latest software and technologies available, as well be innovative in ways to help solve problems. We utilized technologies such as the iPhone SDK from Apple, PHP 5, PostgreSQL, and Subversion to help maintain source code.

Some highlights of my time with DS Media Labs, Inc. Include:

  • Assist in developing core libraries used through out all projects
  • Rapidly develop web services utilizing PHP5, Doctrine, and a custom JSON RPC server class
  • Developed WMA/MMS Stream protocol handler for the iPhone
  • Developed, and deployed a custom asterisk system with custom database system
  • Built a dynamic website utilizing latest WEB 2.0 Techniques, including DHTML, Javascript, and AJAX
  • Helped manage and configure various linux servers for clients and the company
  • Helped deploy Apache, PHP 5, and PostgreSQL servers for clients
  • Knowledge of compiling and building custom configurations as well as most package managers

Web Developer - Foresite Technologies Inc - East Hartford, CT — Dec 2007 - Jul 2008

Developed and maintained small to medium scale websites as part of a development team using PHP4 and MySQL. Most projects I worked on where contract based and done on a strict timeline.

Some highlights of my career with Foresite Technologies, Inc. include:

  • Rapidly built and deployed websites utilizing custom ORM framework developed in house
  • Assist others in maintain existing websites and adding new functionality
  • Developed code under linux through an SSH session
  • Framework was driven extensively by XML configuration files

iPhone Apps


Responsible for template engine, and responsible for some of the architecture of the application. https://itunes.apple.com/artist/matchbox-inc.-matchbox.net/id515841468?mt=8


Coded most of the game play.


Fall Out Boy’s All Access

Coded Webservice




OS X/iOS Framework For Data Modeling and Web Services

Framework Maintainer



Wentworth Institute of Technlogy, Boston, MA — 2003 - 2006

Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT — 2001 - 2003


Operating Systems

Windows, Mac OS X 10.5( (Leopard) - 10.7 (Snow Leopard), Linux, Unix

Programming Languages

C++/Objective-C, Python, PHP 4/5, JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET, ActionScript 2.0


MongoDB, CouchDB, PostgresSQL, MySQL


Apple: iPhone SDK (2.0 - Current), AppKit, Cocoa, Foundation

PHP/Web: jQuery, Smarty Template Engine, Doctrine

Python/Web: Flask, Jinja


MS Visual Studio, XCode 4.x, Interface Builder, VIM, pgAdmin3, BBEdit, Adobe Flash CS5


Available Upon Request