Molten Visuals is a test bed of sorts, putting into practice the vast knowledge I have gained in the past few years from work. It will host my personal projects, a blog, and other useful things. So please feel free to explore and see what I am capable of.

Site Philosophy

Molten Visuals is built on what I consider to be modern and best practices.


This site is designed with scaling in mind, that is being able to scale up or down depending on traffic. I never expect it to get big enough to require me to put any of these practices into use.

To help make this site easily scalable I've seperated out the services into seperate sub-domains. By doing this I can easily move services off to another cloud server that takes advantage of, say a load balancer.


Decoupling can either be a savior or a sin. My website is decoupled from its database and key-value stores. All content is accessed through a webservice to ensure that if I ever decide to change how things are implemented on the backend that the site will not be broken. This has its advantages, and disadvantages. For one it means thats if I do not secure my server properly it can easily be compromised.

Where to go...

From here I suggest checking out my projects page. MoltenCore is my first open source framework and is the cumulation of many years developing for iOS and in general. It is very robust and powerful. I think every developer should at least consider using it. If you wish to know more about me then you should visit my about page.